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July 23rd, 2014

ca3b58906ea0cb5d042c73c156c48939It has been an exciting time here at Fiore, our shop is bustling amongst me becoming Fiore’s newest owner, designing for a plethora of summer soirees, and keeping tabs on Jean’s newest adventures… all good and stylish things! I also wanted to make sure our clients —and readers— know all the wondrous ways to follow Fiore…we’ve been busy making sure we can share floral inspiration all across the internet!

So here’s the scoop (3 to be exact):

1.) Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for your daily dose of floral goodness and to keep tabs on upcoming deals happening about the shop. We strive to inspire you with new ideas or entice our future brides with what is to come down the road on their big day!

2.)   Sign up for our Wedding Wednesday and Color Inspiration blog posts to be delivered 1x week right to your inbox. All emails are strictly for this purpose and we never (ever) share your email with others. Or follow us on Pinterest for a plethora of pretty ideas!

3.) Get on our  Google+ bandwagon! Are you on G+? Do you even know what G+ really is? Well friends, we love our newest social hangout on our G+ Page where we share pics, posts, and blurbs all about Fiore’s style. Follow my page, Chelsea Fritts, as well to get to know my style and me a bit more.

Phew! We’ve got you covered, no matter where you link to digitally hangout. Fiore’s primary goal is to fill your day with beautiful images of floral designs that leave you happy and inspired.

…And if 3 scoops of Fiore isn’t enough, swing by the shop anytime to get your fill!  

Stylish Regards- Chelsea 

0064 Katie and Josh Theo Milo Photobouquet 2Natalie and Patrick_Fiore-14Photo Credit: Pinterest-Martha Stewart, Theo Milo Photography (image 2 &3) , Eric Boneske Photography










Fall in love with all the shades of Purple.

September 4th, 2013

Knoll Wedding012Psst…there’s a new color in town, trending all over the magazines and our brides’ Fall 2013 palettes, the varying shades of purple.  We’re transforming the light & airy shades of stock, scabiosa (a delicate, tissue paper like bloom) to the deep, uber-chic hues of bold plums of dahlias, orchids and anemones into clap-worthy delights. This season calls for a mixed array of textures, varying shades, and a plethora of sophistication in bloom form. Purple has always exuded femininity, not to mention it looks fabulous in my dream Kate Spade Beau bag (yes, I added a pic below) or a deco violet scroll wallpaper, it’s simply divine. No wonder our brides are swooning over this palette.  LOVE. LOVE. DESIGN.

DESIGNER’S TIP: Look towards interior design and you’ll find your wedding inspiration. We believe in “the vision” and looking at an overall color scheme in a room is a whole bunch of (fabulous) inspiration to transform into a palette, an inspiration and a look.

Knoll Wedding033 Modern Simplicity: Timeless can come in many forms. Keeping to a single bloom and/or placing it in an unexpected way, creates refined elegance. ed06fb89cb199154b5ab929494b3c13b pinterest.comBold Hues & Texture Galore: Look at those flowers above! You have all this gorgeousness mixed in deep shades that range from a true purple all the way to a cognac plum. Luxe, luscious, and utterly surprising. Cassell Blog002Gwyn and Mike-1 Wildly Romantic: Loose, lovely arrangements are the perfect look for incorporating an outdoorsy, wild flower look in subtle pops of purple softened by a mix of greens and pale shades of white. 321LMGILBANE campbell2012_222Classic elegance: Oh, how we love when blooms simply show themselves off. Tall groupings of tulips, draping over glass set the stage for understated elegance. As does a selective “pop” of purple nestled within the delicate texture of peonies. Simply, delightful. katespadeDrool Worthy Accessories: Ahem, please meet Kate Spade’s Beau bag…and it may not be a flower, but I could sure design a killer party around this lil’inspiration.

PHOTO CREDIT: 1.) & 2).: KMI photography, 3.) Pinterest, 4.) Social Butterfly Events, 5.) KMI, 6.) Eric Boneske,  7. & 8.) Millie Holloman Photography, 9.) Kate Spade

ExpertTips: Choosing A Wedding Florist

July 17th, 2013

0013_Monica_and_Shawn_Theo_Milo_PhotoOne of the main components of being a wedding florist is sitting down with brides & grooms and speaking about what our prospective clients are looking for in a florist and their vision of their wedding flowers. And we love it!  

Meeting with wedding vendors can be overwhelming, essentially you are meeting strangers and trusting one of the most important moments in your life to someone you haven’t met. The upside is, if you have done your research well, you are in good hands with a professional who understands all the key components to a wedding and has the talent to leave you and your guests’ gushing.

And as one of those professionals, we thought it would be immensely helpful to offer some tips to newly engaged couples as they look for their wedding florist.

Here are our tips when meeting with you wedding florists:

1.           WE LOVE HEARING ABOUT YOUR VISION: The more design ideas we have, the more creatively we can assist you. Color schemes, where you shop, magazine you love, Pinterest pages, pictures, adjectives….you name it…as designers we are all about brainstorming.  So go ahead, show us your stuff!

2.           THINK OF YOUR BUDGET: Be realistic about your wedding’s overall budget and keep your flowers & design component in mind.  It’s not easy to have a concise budget on each entity of your wedding (we totally  get it) but having an overall budget in mind allows a florist to choose seasonal flowers and flowers that may be more conscious of your number and guide you in the right direction that leaves you with a fantastic look and less fiscal stress.

3.          HOW PINTERSTING: Most brides are pinning away on Pinterest, we love this! But having a specific board, based on design and flower ideas allows us to see a client’s taste firsthand, and as noted in tips one and two, have an immediate visual to discuss design and price points.

4.           A COLOR SCHEME GOES A LONG WAY: As designers, we understand the sublime of a great color palette. Whether you envision lush & lavish or organic & fresh, adding your color through linens, paper details or overall design look goes a long, long way.

5.           TELL US WHAT YOU DON’T LIKE: Many times a client isn’t sure what flowers or colors they like, but everyone knows what they do not like. Does Ivy drive you crazy? Let us know! The more we know about a client’s taste, the better we can custom create something that leaves you cheering. Dislikes can be just as helpful as likes.

6.           FINDING A GOOD FIT IS KEY: Do your research. A great florist has a great reputation, ask around and check their reviews. Also, do they fit your taste and you? Albeit, a great designer can create a vast range of design aesthetics, it all still boils down to do they get you.  Go to the florist’s blog, check out their recent work on their social media pages and review their sites. This is a great aid as you build your wedding team for your big day.

Hands down, having reputable, great vendors makes for a great event. And when a prospective client feels prepared, nothing can be more fun than looking at flowers and creating a custom design all for you.

PHOTO CREDIT: Theo Milo Photography

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