Did you hear the (color) news? Radiant Orchid is the official Pantone color of 2014…we couldn’t be more excited! There is something so enticing about the regal hues of purple and plum, combine that with a recent bride who called for this trending palette in her floral design and we were smitten! We’re pretty sure our lovely Bald Head Island bride, Christine, had no idea that her raspberry tones would be hailed the color choice of 2014, but it sure is fun to post her pictures the same week of the press release!

Christine’s bouquet was simply enchanting; blended shades of deep pink, fuschia and purple textured dahlias, roses and callas created a captivating blend of her wedding hues. Her keen eye for the celebration’s finer details, such as the linens and accent arrangements, fashioned a cohesive look to the festive day. What really took the cake? Our bride’s regal shades of raspberry set amongst Bald Head Island’s natural surroundings. Just look at that picture above with the sea grass’ soft wheat and purple/gray tones staging her bouquet- absolutely spectacular!

“A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health.”-Pantone. We couldn’t agree more, enjoy!

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